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turn down for ‘hwat


turn down for ‘hwat

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i just saw my schedule and i have the day off  for the julieta venegas show next month :D!!! (which only means i get to save a “sick day”,  because i was going regardless lol.) i can’t wait to hear her beautiful voice and see her in person yo! fangirling so hard rn lol.

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#i kinda have a tiny crush on her  #if you hadn't noticed  #and by tiny i mean over the top and borderline unhealthy of course 




Nobody should go to a football match and not come home.

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"Used to have a girlfriend
Now all I got is hoes
Just looking for a down girl
But she was fuckin on the low.

And that was me and my bitch
Knowin that these hoes ain’t shit
Me and my bitch
Cause nigga ridin’ on that Westside shit.”

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#And they ask me why I trust no bitch  #Cause my ex had me feeling all embarrassed and shit 


Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit


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are you fuckin seeing this?

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"what’s the move? can i tell truth?
if i was doing this for you
then i have nothing left to prove, nah
this for me, though
i’m just tryna stay alive and take care of my people
and they don’t have no award for that…
trophies, trophies


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#man this shit is not a love song  #this a doing me and only god can judge song